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Overages, Shortages, & Damages

What this program does, is allow a shipper or receiver, to donate overages, shortages, and damaged goods, from loads that have been rejected instead of destroying or disposing of the items. But here’s the best thing about this program. All donations are 100% tax deductible! So how does this work? It’s simple. Let’s say you have a truck in our operating area of Converse, TX or Texas and the load the driver is delivering is rejected or even vandalized. Instead of going through the red tape of getting authorization to dispose of it or the tedious process of filing a claim for theft, just give us a call. If you decide to donate the items, we will arrange to have the truck unloaded and in turn give you a receipt for full value of the donation, from our 100 % legal 501C Tithing Foundation, for your tax purposes and put you on our website as one of our donors. It’s just that simple!

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